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Service Learning Overview


Service Learning update:


  • All service submissions for the 2022/2023 school year (August 18th 2022-May 12th2023) are now being accepted. 
    • All submissions must have both a completed Service Learning Verification Form and a completed Service Hours Tracking Sheet to be  verified
      • Hard copies on the student union form cart in the cafeteria.
      • Electronic copy in file folder
    • All hours will need to be submitted via Google Classroom. 
      • Please see instructions below
    • Deadline for submission of 2022/2023 service hours will be May 12th 2023
  • To submit Hours 
    • Step 1
      • Join the Service Learning  Google Classroom that corresponds to your graduating classroom. 
        • Service Learning Class of 2023 (Seniors):                   qbzjsbp
        • Service Learning Class of 2024 (Juniors):                    2ny7627
        • Service Learning Class of 2025 (Sophomores):         tpqtvfq
        • Service Learning Class of 2026 (Freshman):              kyxcsqo
    • Step 2
      • Once on your Google classroom:
        • Click on "Class Work" located on top of the screen 
        • Find and click on "22/23 Submissions" assignment  (This is for non-benchmark service)
        • Review general information 
        • Follow procedure given


  • Service hour requirements:
    • Class of 2023: 20 hours
    • Class of 2024: 30 hours
    • Class of 2025: 40 hours
    • Class of 2026: 40 hours


  • Service Opportunities Bulletin Board 
    • List of organizations requesting volunteers 


  •   All hours will need to be verified using the Service Hours Verification form to be accepted.
    • Electronic document located in file list


  • 22/23 Power point presentation with general information will be available shortly. 


  • Students can check current status of service hours toward graduation requirement on Infinite campus. 
    • For instruction click on "IC Flyer Check Service Hours" located in file folder


  • Volunteer Contact Information for select Non-Profit Organizations added to file folder.


  • Contact:
    • Mr. Jones (Service Learning Coordinator)
    • Email: