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    QUEST (12th Grade Benchmark)

    Sign up to be a Guest Panelist for the 2022 Testimonies on May 18 & 19.

    Every year, Irvington's graduating class present their QUEST Testimonies, the culmination of three years of benchmarks designed to create service-learning opportunities while building 21st-century research and critical thinking skills.  They are also an opportunity for us to invite parents, alumni, and any other community members to view and participate in their final exhibition assessment.  Fill out the form below and volunteer to join experienced teachers in scoring two, four, or more presentations and show your support for the class of 2021.

    To volunteer as a panelist, click the link below and view the orientation video:

    Testimony Panelist Training Video 2022 (same as last year)

    QUEST is a five-component project designed and completed by all Irvington seniors. The students start with a Question that will lead to an exploration of a social issue of personal choice. As they research, they build Understanding of the issue through internet and database searches, reading, writing, and hands on Experiences designed and performed with their consultants.  Action-oriented Experiences include volunteering, interviewing, attending training and meetings, focused observations, etc. Through Service, the students design and implement activities which allow them to share and apply their new knowledge to serve a population in need, and reach out to their public officials to advocate for policies and legislation. Finally, at the Testimony, the students present their entire QUEST to a panel of staff, parents and community members.

    Download the 21-22 quest packet here