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QUEST (12th Grade Benchmark)

QUEST is a five-component project designed and completed by all Irvington seniors. The student starts with a Question that will lead to an exploration of an area of personal choice. Through Understand, an answer to the Question starts to develop through research, reading, writing, and hands on activities. The student and his/her consultant then create an Experience plan related to the Question. Action-oriented Experiences could include, volunteering, interviewing, training, designing and creating, etc. Through Service, the student designs and implements an activity which will allow him/her to share their new knowledge with the greater community in a way that serves a real need in the community. Finally, at the Testimony, the student will present his/her entire QUEST to a panel of staff, parents and community members.

QUEST Project Handbook

Download the Presentation from Parent Night

What is a testimony?

A testimony is a 12 to 20 minute presentation by a student in which the student explains his/her essential question, research, experience, and service. This presentation is followed by a short question and answer segment. Then, the panel decides whether the testimony meets the standards as set forth in the scoring rubric. Finally the panel explains to the students whether or not the testimony meets the standards.

To volunteer as a panelist, click the link below: 

Sign up to be a QUEST Panelist

Due Dates:   2018-2019 School Year

Semester 1                        

Sept 18th

Quest Kick-Off (Norse Hall) (Eng)

Sept 25th

Social Issue Declaration Form (Eng/Gov)

Parent Notification Form (Gov) 

Oct 9th

Source Check #1 (Eng) 

Oct 30th

Essential Question Rough Drafts (Eng)

        Consultant Agreement Form (Gov)

Experience Plan (Gov) 

Nov 6th

Source Check #2 (1 Ac. Journal) (Gov)

Nov 13th

Consultant Interview Notes (Eng)

Nov 27th

Source Check #3 (1 Ac. Jour) (Eng)

Dec 4th

Findings Paper Outline (Eng)

Dec 11th

Findings Paper (Eng)

Dec 18th

Source Check #4 

Annotated Bibliography #1 (Gov)

Jan 7th to 25th

Findings Presentation (Gov)

Jan 8th

5 Experience Hours Log (Gov)

Jan 15th

Service Plan (Gov)

Thank You Email Draft (Eng)

Semester 2

Feb 5th

Essential Question Form (Eng)

Feb 12th

Source Check #5 (Econ)

Feb 26th

Source Check #6 (Eng)

March 5th

Policy Paper Outline (Econ)

March 12th

Policy Paper (Econ) 

March 19th

Annotated Bibliography #2 (Eng)

March 26th

Service Verification (Econ)

Service Reflection (English)

March 25th to April 18th  

Policy/Service Presentation (Eng)

April 9th

Answer Paper (Eng)

Government Advocacy Letter (Econ)

April 20th

Binder Check (Eng) 

May 3th

Last Day to Turn in Work!

May 22nd and 23rd

Testimonies (Grade in Eng)