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Field Maintenance and Care

For instruction on how to take care of the Irvington Baseball Fields and Facilities click this link for instructions.  Field Maint and Care Guide

Everyone authorized to use the I.H.S. baseball facilities owns the responsibilities and associated liabilities of ensuring that the fields, facilities, equipment and gear are always taken care of and returned in proper working order.

Under NO circumstances shall anyone or other leagues use the Irvington Baseball Fields or Facilities without the proper required paperwork and authorization approvals signed by I.H.S. administration.

Here are a couple of quick tips:

  1. Only adults are authorized to operate the tractor

  2. Always ensure that the tractor is fueled and ready to go for the next use

  3. Always ensure that the tractor is clean and stowed properly with the key on the "OFF" position

  4. Never screen drag over any part of the turf areas.  Especially the edges!

  5. Stay 12" away from chain link fences when screen dragging

  6. Remove Trackfine and Dirt away from and off of the turf areas after each practice and game

  7. Enure that ALL trash is picked up and that the trash cans are emptied on a regular basis

  8. Keep the equipment shed clean and orderly

  9. Secure the facility by walking the grounds and ensuring that the locks are fastened

Thank You,

Irvington Baseball Program