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Withdrawal Process

How to Complete A Student Withdrawal from Irvington


We prefer to have as much notice as possible when withdrawing a student, minimum 2-day notification. It is the responsibility of the Parent(s)/Guardian(s) to inform the School Registrar and the student’s Attendance Clerk if you’re planning to withdraw your student from Irvington High School. The School Registrar will also need to know the student's new school so that records can be forwarded upon request.

The student will need to see their Attendance Clerk, on the morning of their last day of school. The student will need to attend the whole day of school (all classes) and check out with each of their teachers and others before the school day ends. ALL school books need to be returned, account balances paid in full, and all other school items are to be returned to the school prior to being checked out. At the end of the day, the student will see their Attendance Clerk and submit their signed and completed withdrawal form. 

Attendance Clerks:

Finina Engle: Last Names A-Ga                                  

TBD - Last Names Gb-L                    

Deanna Silva: Last Names M-Sg                            

Connie Cervantes: Last Names Sp-Z   


What is required for the withdrawal process:

  • Withdrawal Form from Attendance Clerk
  • Signatures from ALL Teachers
  • Signature of Assistant Principal
  • Signature of School Counselor
  • Signature of School Accountant
  • Signature of Book Clerk
  • All lockers emptied (including PE locker)
  • ALL other School items have been returned including the Student’s ID Card

If the Student needs an Official Transcript to take with them to their new school, it can be requested 3 days prior to their last day of school. The Official Transcript will be ready for the Student at the end of their last day at Irvington.

Please be sure that the student understands and follows this process to make their last day of school easier for them. If you have any questions, please contact LaShaunta Payne, Registrar.