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If you have recently moved to Fremont, California and looking to enroll your child into high school please read the following information.

Listed below is Fremont Unified School District,  School Locator Link. Please click the link, which will open up into a new tab and enter in your Fremont address. Enrollment is based on where you live and you can see which schools your children will attend based on your address.

Moving over the Summer?

Please click the Link provided below for more information.

Moving? Or Planning to Move?

Fremont Unified School District Board Policy 5111 states that if you move, you must notify the school within 5 school days.  If you do not, your enrollment may be revoked.

We prefer to have as much notice as possible when it comes to our families moving in and out of our attendance area. 

Pursuant to residential requirements governing attendance policies established by Board Policy 5111 and Board Policy 5117, student registration is based on the address of the parent. Therefore, you will need to update your residency paperwork.

Please return the Change of Address or Residency Form with the new address and required documentation within five school days. The residency paperwork is due to the School Registrar's Office or your child will be dropped from Irvington High School, if the paperwork is not received by the end of the day. 

For more information or questions about our process, please contact LaShaunta Payne, Registrar.


2 Proof of Residency is Required

You must provide the 2 of the following examples in order to update your new address. The bills provided must be in their original format, no emailed documents or pictures taken of bills will be excepted.

The following are examples of accepted Proof of Residency items. Please note that the Utility Bills must be dated within the last 30 - 45 days, and clearly state your new address and your legal names.

  1. Mortgage Statement or Renters/Lease agreement
  2. Property Tax Statement
  3. Utility Bill (PG&E, Water or Garbage) can bring two different bills for Proof of Residency
  4. Parent's Pay Stub - not your W2 form
  5. Voter Registration
  6. Declaration of Residency form: for more information visit our Declaration of Residency page.
  7. Government Mail