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Transcript Requests

ALL requests must be submitted via mail or requested in person by the individual. Current Students, Alumni and former Students can request an Official Transcript once they provided a completely filled out Transcript Request Form and provided a photo copy of your Driver’s License or Passport. Current Irvington Students can use their current school ID for identification. (Please see the link at the top of this page for the Transcript Request form).

Parents are not allowed to request Official Transcripts for those students who are 18 or over . The only exception is if a parent can provide a signed letter of consent from the student giving the parent permission to pick up a previously ordered Transcript on the behalf of their child.


Please note that Irvington High School and all other Fremont Unified School sites DO NOT provided weighted Transcripts. Your request for a weighted Transcript will be denied, however a Transcript will still be provide upon request.



The Official Transcript fee is $5.00 for each transcript requested (Exact CASH or Money Order).

Unofficial Transcripts are $3.00 each (Exact CASH or Money Order).

If you provided an addressed envelope, including a stamp, (one for each Transcript requested) the fee for an Official Transcript is $4.00 for each transcript requested. Each provided envelope must be STAMPED & ADDRESSED in order to be processed. Please leave the return address blank. 



Official Transcript Requirements:

  1. Completely filled out Transcript Request Form - if any information is missing your Request Form will be returned to you without your Official Transcript.
  2. Payment is required before a request can be completed


We do not accept telephone, fax or email requests. Those requests will go unanswered. Your completed request will be finalized first in first out and within the month that it is received. There will be no refunds on any records that cannot be located . Mail exact cash amount or money order payable to: Irvington High School.


Please mail your request and the $5.00 fee to:

Irvington High School

41800 Blacow Road

Fremont, CA 94538

Attn: School Registrar 


Looking to request the records of a current High School Student, who use to attend here at Irvington? Please follow the provided link for helpful information about how to request those records.


For more information or requests, please email Principal Amanda Melsby.