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COST Presentation- Counselors and Chandra Friend

Irvington High School has a Coordination Of Services Team (COST) to support students with their social and emotional health. The team is similar to the Student Study Team (SST) in that students are referred to COST because a teacher, counselor, nurse, or other staff member has noticed that a student is struggling. For SST, the referrals are primarily for issues which are academic in nature, and for COST, the referrals are primarily for concerns pertaining to social emotional health. There could be some cross-over. Chandra Friend is the coordinator for both SST and COST. 

Typical reasons for a referral could be a recent event in the student's personal life, changes in patterns of attendance, observable changes in personal hygiene, observable changes in the student's demeanor or academic performance with depression or anxiety suspected as the primary cause. 

The members of the team include our counselors, a Fremont Youth and Family Services  (YFS) counselor, a HUME center Counselor, our school nurse, a member of the district COST team, and an administrator.

The primary purposes of the COST team are; tracking of student progress, referral to the appropriate counseling services, and continued follow-up to ensure that the student is making progress.

Last year, there was some concern that teachers are not being informed when students are absent due to a 5150 referral or some other issue that is impacting the students ability to perform normally, relative to the student's peers. 

We are still not able to provide specific details related to a student's condition or services a student is receiving, but you may periodically be notified that a student has been referred to theCOST team. If you receive an email from a counselor, Chandra, Ruth, or an administrator, that a student has been referred to the COST team, please try to work with the student to provide additional support if needed.  

Do not ask students about the reason for the referral, because many students are working hard to get through their classes and may not want to talk about their situation. If you have a relationship with the student, and the student approaches you to discuss something, that is okay, but please sent the student to a counselor if you suspect at any time that you are not the appropriate person to provide support to the student.

If you have any questions, you may email me, Monica, or Chandra.​

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