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Students Entering Irvington From Private Schools/Out of District

Please see the Registrar's web page to enroll your non FUSD student.

Please view additional registration pages with caution. Some items pertain to current FUSD students only.

*Transcript(s) from previous schools need to be submitted to the registrar for all non FUSD students at the time of registration. For incoming 9th grade students, grades from both 7 and 8 need to be submitted.  


Placement will be based on the student's current math class and semester grades. A transcript must be submitted to the registrar.



  • If a student needs to take a placement test, more information will be provided after registration materials are submitted to the registrar.
  • Students will know the level they are taking when they receive their schedule during MAZE Days (August).


To be eligible for Family 9 honors, students must:

  • Meet district honors policy which includes earning an A grade in all four semesters of 7th and 8th grade English OR earn a C or higher in 8th grade honors English.
  • Submit a transcript(s) that shows grades from 7th AND 8th grade.