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Counselors/Contact Information

Students are assigned to a counselor by the student's last name.


Open office hours during lunch and after school. Students should email or loop mail their counselor to ask questions or to make an appointment.


Meetings are by appointment. Please loop mail or email the counselor for an appointment.

Email is preferred. Please allow 2 days for a response. Counselors do not check email after hours or on school holidays/breaks.

Please review information on the website for answers to many frequently asked questions.

  Counselor   Contact
A-Dh Leticia Velazco *
Di-Kn Wendi Bennett
Ko-Ngo Natalie Mintey
Google Voice: (510) 519-9918
Please only call/text from 8am-3pm
STUDENTS ONLY during the lunch period and after school
*email preferred
Ngu-Sh Leilani Velasquez
Si-Z Veronica Serrano *

* Se habla espanol 

College and Career Specialist - all students
Christine Abogado

Please visit her website at:


SCHOOL CLOSURE: We understand that this can be a stressful time for students and their families. Please be patient, kind, and take care of one another.

Please see our School Closure Information and Resources page located on this site.