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Practice SAT/ACT Information

SAT/ACT practice exams & review sessions are coordinated through Irvington's PTSA.  For a complete list, visit the PTSA webpage

Khan Academy is the official test prep company for the College Board.  Check out the FREE resources.



More Free Test Prep and Study Help! 

The Starter Guide to Getting Your Shmoop On

1.     Go here:

2.     Create a free Shmoop account or login if you already have one.

3.     Enter this Magic Word on the sign up page:  ELUANT

4.     Voila. You now have free access to our Shmoop subscription. You can login anywhere you have Web access – in your PJs, on your phone, on a plane.


March 2 Success-Free online tutoring program sponsored by the US Army.  No obligation to the military.  The site is provided as a public service.  Enhance math, English and science skills.  Practice for SAT!