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K. Linton

Ms. Linton’s Classroom Rules


1. Listen and follow ALL directions. Use ALL of your class time productively.

    Students will not be permitted to leave class without permission and good cause, i.e. injuries, sickness, or other

     true emergencies.

2. Do not hoard, steal, or waste art supplies. Clean up all materials and work areas!

    Seriously. Even if it’s not your mess.

3. Do not talk out of turn or interrupt someone who is talking to the class.

     Especially the teacher.

4. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.  Do NOT touch anyone else’s art work. 

    Students will not throw, toss, fling, or juggle any objects or papers.

5. No eating, sleeping, gaming, texting, making annoying noises, or general mayhem.

    Students are not allowed to have food or drinks in the classroom with the exception of water in a spill proof container

    Students will keep all electronics turned off and out of sight.

    Annoying and disruptive noises include,  but are not limited to: whistling, tapping, drumming, clapping, bird calls,

    singing, hooting, giggling, humming, any fake accents, excessively noisy page turning, chair squeaking, etc

6. Avoid applying any type of perfumes, body sprays, heavily scented lotions or hand sanitizers.

     People may have allergies or respiratory issues or just don't want to smell that stuff. 

7. Use common sense.

    If you are uncertain whether or not something is a good idea, it probably isn’t.


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