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SHAPE Health Fair Research

Slide deck from class

Culinary, Food and Nutrition Topics

Healthy foods: Eating Healthy for a Healthy Weight (CDC)

Healthy foods: Family doctor (American Academy of Family Physicians)

Healthy foods: MyPlate (USDA's website about food groups)

Food safety: Safe Food Storage (USDA)

Food safety: Food Storage Basics (FDA)

Food safety: FoodKeeper (USDA and Cornell University)

Food safety: CDC

Kinesiology Topics

Weight/strength training: Harvard News

Weight/strength training: National Institutes of Health

Weight/strength training: Mayo Clinic

Weight/strength training: Forbes Health magazine

Kinesiology research: University of Michigan School of Kinesiology

Anatomy Topics

First aid: Mayo Clinic

Bloodborne pathogens: Medline Plus

Bloodborne pathogens: CDC

Blood pressure: Hypertension symptoms and causes

Blood pressure: Understanding BP Readings, American Heart Assn.

Sports therapy: History of physical therapy

Sports therapy: American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine

Hand washing: CDC

Hand washing: CDC, Show Me The Science, Why Wash Your Hands?