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Ms. Christine Abogado
College & Career Specialist
510-656-5711 ext. 46377
Best time to call: 7:45 AM- 3:30 PM


UC Irvine Alum '13



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College Admissions Reps
Please email me to schedule a visit during our Advisory Period (MTF 10:00-10:30 or WTh 9:45-10:30).

IHS College & Career Center

Upcoming Events

Ohlone College Application Workshop 

Wednesday,March 11, 2020
9:45-10:40am (during Flex) and
2:40-4:00pm (after school)

Join our Facebook page! Irvington HS College & Career Center

College Visits 

Pick up an activity pass from Ms. Abogado to attend college presentations. All presentations are in the College & Career Center unless otherwise noted.

Fall 2019 Dates (updated weekly)

9/5 @ 9:00am Sonoma State
9/9 @ 10:30am San Francisco State
9/10 @ 9:00am University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign (UIUC)
9/11 @ 9:00am University of Massachusetts (UMASS), Amhearst
9/11 @10:30am California College of Arts (CCA)
9/12 @ 8:00am Chapman University
9/17 @ 8:00am Butte College
9/17 @ 9:00am American University
9/17 @11:30am Clarkson University
9/17 @ 2:00pm Whittier College
9/17 @ 6:30pm COLLEGE NIGHT @Ohlone College, Fremont
9/18 @ 1:00pm University of Rochester
9/18 @ 2:00pm University of Washington (UW)
9/19 @ 9:45am Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences
9/19 @ 1:00pm University of Southern California (USC)
9/20 @ 8:00am Concordia University Irvine
9/20 @ 9:00am Case Western Reserve University
9/20 @ 10:30am University of the Pacific (UOP)
9/23 @ 10:30am Princeton University
9/24 @ 10:00am Rutgers-New Brunswick
9/24 @ 11:30am UC Berkeley
9/26 @ 1:00pm University of Pennsylvania (UPenn)
9/30 @ 10:30am UC Santa Barbara
9/30 @ 12:00pm Purdue University 
OCTOBER 2019  
10/4 @ 9:00am Dartmouth College
10/7 @ 10:30am University of Florida
10/7 @ 11:30am Saint Mary's College
10/8 @ 10:30am Grand Canyon University
10/8 @ 1:15pm Stony Brook University
10/9 @ 9:45am The University of Alabama
10/9 @ 10:45am Vanderbilt University
10/9 @ 2:00pm Brown University
10/11 @ 9:00am University of Chicago
10/11 @ 11:30am Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
10/11 @ 1:00pm New York University (NYU)
10/14 @ 9:00am Northwestern University
10/15 @ 10:30am University of San Francisco
10/15 @ 11:30am Rice University
10/16 @ 9:00am University of Toronto
10/16 @ 9:45am UC San Diego
10/16 @ 10:45am University of Pittsburgh
10/16 @ 1:00pm UCLA
10/16 @ 2:00pm SCAD
10/17 @ 1:30pm University of La Verne
10/18 @ 10:30am Arizona State University
10/22 @ 9:00am Boston University
10/23 @ 9:45am University of Connecticut (UCONN)
10/23 @ 10:45am UC Irvine
10/23 @ 1:30pm  Washington University in St. Louis (WashU)
10/24 @ 8:00am University of Texas, Dallas
10/29 @ 10:30am Mills College
10/31 @ 9:00am Willamette University
10/31 @ 9:45am UC Davis
11/5 @ 2:00pm University of Oregon
11/13 @ 11:40am UC Santa Cruz
11/15 @ 1:00pm George Mason University

The College & Career Center is open from 7:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Students may explore college, ROP (Regional Occupational Program), scholarships & financial aid, career, employment, and volunteer opportunities. In addition to reference books, study guides, and college catalogs, 40 computers with internet access are available for student use.

Career and college planning may begin with interest and aptitude tests that connect with related occupations, majors and schools. Guest speakers from colleges across the country typically visit between the months of September to December. Additionally career focused speakers, including representatives from the U.S. Military may also be scheduled. Students in all grade levels spend between two to four class periods each year in the College & Career Center to explore career and college options.

Applications, registration booklets and forms are available for the SAT & ACT tests, financial aid, NCAA and TOEFL. Information on available scholarships, SAT prep courses and specialized summer sessions are continually updated. Students interested in part time jobs may find job opportunities posted on the Career Center Job Board. Work permit applications are obtained and processed though the College & Career Center.

Community volunteer opportunities such as the popular 5/6th grade camp counselors programs and summer internships are also offered and coordinated through the College & Career Center.

After school peer tutoring is offered on Wednesdays after school. Students from The Peer Tutoring Club, CSF and others recommended by staff are available to assist students with homework and subject specific tutoring.

Be sure to check back regularly for updates and announcements.

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