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Why did my teacher ask me to submit my paper to is a program that we use at Irvington to check for plagiarism. Many colleges use Turnitin as well. Some teachers at Irvington also use to grade papers online, and to do peer editing with their classes.

What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism comes from the Latin word for "kidnapping" or "literary thief!" It includes any instance where you take another person's words or ideas and use them without giving credit. It doesn't matter if you use that person's exact words or not; using their ideas or facts without citing is plagiarism! Plagiarism is taken very seriously at Irvington and at high schools all over the world. See Irvington's Academic Integrity Policy, linked below, for specific consequences. Beyond high school it is even more serious: you can be kicked out of college, fired, or sued in court for stealing another person's ideas or work. That includes artistic work belonging to others, such as images, videos, or songs that others have created. checks your paper to see if any parts are copied from the Internet or from any other student's paper that has ever been submitted to the system anywhere in the world. 

If you ever have technical difficulties with 1. Tell your teacher, 2. Come see Ms. McAuley, the administrator, in the library.

It is always better to do your own work, and WHEN IN DOUBT, CITE YOUR SOURCES.

Here are some instructions for using Turnitin as an IHS student this year. Please note that some of our policies have changed, so please read this even if you've used Turnitin before!